An Old Family Doughnut Recipe

My dad talked about his grandmother’s homemade doughnut’s with great affection. Therefore, I was really happy when I found the recipe in my grandmother’s handwriting while going through some old recipes.

As with the rest of my paternal grandmother’s written recipes, the recipe was had incomplete directions. It did tell ingredients and mixing instructions, yet it lacked any directions on how to cook them.

Although I could not find the recipe anywhere else, I did find a few different potato based doughnut recipes on the Internet and discovered that they all called for the doughnuts to be fried.

The other quirk of the recipe is that it calls for egg size potatoes and butter as a measurement. I went with the assumption that the eggs would be large size. The end result was a light, cake doughnut that was slightly reminiscent of a funnel cake flavor.

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  1. Got introduced through Linkedin and am visiting your blog for the first time. I love this unusual recipe for doughnuts. I will bookmark it try soon.

    Mina Joshi

    • Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the donuts! We think they taste best a few hours after frying them. I made them one night and they were terrific the next morning. Please visit any time!

  2. OMG! I’m so craving doughnuts right now 😀

    • I was craving them. I should warn you that this recipe makes about 3 dozen or so…It is good to have a crowd to help eat them 🙂

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