Brown Sugar Oatmeal Pancakes

Although it was not that long ago that I posted a very good recipe for oatmeal pancakes, I decided to post another recipe from the same cookbook for a slightly different version of oatmeal pancakes in honor of National Oatmeal Day (October 29).

This recipe creates a fairly dense pancake with a slightly sweet, almost nutty taste. The brown sugar and whole wheat flour in this version seem to make a substantial difference in the final product.

Unlike the other oatmeal pancake recipe, this one calls for baking soda instead of baking powder. Thus, you must use buttermilk or sour milk in regular, sweet milk. The acid is needed to create a reaction to leaven the pancakes. It is similar to adding vinegar to baking soda to make a volcano as a kid or to clean a drain as an adult…you want to create bubbles :)

To create sour milk, add a little vinegar to regular, sweet milk.

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