Carrot Cake or Bars

In the Amish Country in Ohio there used to be a little bakery is a small town that sold the best doughnuts, cakes, and bars.  It was one of the places we always stopped when I took my parents to the area.   I even knew of people who drove more than two hours just to go to the bakery.  It was indeed a good bakery.  However, it went out of business several years ago…I have no idea of why.

Luckily, my mom purchased a small booklet with some of their recipes before they shut down the business.  I have that booklet now and grab for it every time I want to make carrot cake.


They used the same recipe to make the bars and just added raisins and nuts. I do not recommend using them in the cake version. They settled on the bottom of cake and were not very tasty when I attempted it.

I want to make it with walnut oil instead of canola the next time.  I think it will add a complementary touch of flavor.

The cake has a great outer coating.  Works wonderful with a simple glaze.  Plus, it goes great with their cream cheese icing.


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