Thai Island in Orlando

Whenever we travel to tourist hot spots, we try and go to as many off-the-beaten path, local restaurants as we can when we eat out.  The Disney area of Orlando, Florida is definitely one of those tourist destinations that had us going off the tourist beaten path looking for a Mom and Pop type spot.  Thai […]


Bakersfield Mass Ave. in Indianapolis

Arriving just after they opened on a Sunday, we were the first patrons in Bakersfield on Massachusetts Avenue. Edison bulb pendant lights with industrial wire looking enclosures hanging throughout the restaurant were the first things that caught my eye…I love Edison bulb pendants. The next thing I noticed was the bar and the variety of […]


Tomato Shed Cafe

The Tomato Shed Cafe on John’s Island in near Charleston, South Carolina is fantastic!  It has it all: friendly service, clean establishment, great tasting food, and very reasonable prices. This unique, lunch-only cafe is part of the Stono Market, which sells produce, seafood, bakery items, take-and-bake items, decorative items, cookbooks, and more. Despite the retail […]


Eating at Arthur Bryant’s

When I hear Kansas City, I think barbecue. So while traveling across the country and passing through Kansas City, Missouri around lunch time, I decided we should eat at a barbecue joint. When we looked to the gps for close restaurants, it showed that Arthur Bryant’s was not far from where we were on the […]


Indian Fry Bread and Taco

When crossing South Dakota this summer, we had the good fortune to be able to stop and drive through part of the Badlands National Park. Although the park had amazing vistas, I never thought I would be writing about the food I ate there. We were hungry by the time we made our way to […]