Cream Horns

Surprisingly simple to make and sinfully delicious, cream horns are a very special treat.

One of the reasons cream horns are such as special treat to me is that they remind me of my father. He had such a “sweet tooth.” He would bring home a half a dozen cream horns from a bakery or a store and eat three of them in a single sitting…yet, he never had a problem with weight, diabetes, or cholesterol. I think it had to do with the amount of exercise he got working and some good genes (no, it seems that I did not inherit those genes).

I found metal cream horn molds in a local bakery/candy making supply store before the holidays. They were fairly inexpensive so I had to buy them to give them a try. There are several versions available on Amazon, but I got mine for around four dollars for the set of six molds (you need six for one freezer section sheet of puff pastry).

If you don’t have the metal molds, you can use several layers of heavy aluminum foil to make your own cones. Each horn mold should be 4 to 5 inches in length to be similar to the metal horns.

To wrap around the mold, you can make puff pastry from scratch or use the kind from the frozen food section of your grocery store. The store-bought is much easier and tastes very good.

Here is the simple how to make the horn from the frozen pastry:

For the cream filling, you could use the same as in a cream puff or for a whiter, more standard looking filling you could use the following recipe. Keep in mind, both of these recipes are made with real cream and need to be kept refrigerated. They also may make the puff pastry horn soggy, so it is best not to fill them too long before they are to be consumed.

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