Creamed Tomatoes: Version 1, No Cream

My mother and grandmothers would frequently make creamed tomatoes when I was a child. As a child, I don’t think I appreciated the dish as much as I do as an adult. It has turned out to be one of my comfort foods (or at least they are until my allergy to citric acid really kicks in :)).

I liked/like them served in a bowl with nothing else. However, my mother often made them with dumplings cooked in them.

With no one left to ask nor a recipe left behind, I realized I had forgotten how my mom made them. Thus, began a series of trials and errors.

One of the challenges in matching my mom’s recipe was that she used home canned tomatoes…not the store bought stuff I had. However, I stayed with using whole, low sodium tomatoes to be as close as possible to her tomatoes.

The first result that tasted very close to my mother’s is my aunt’s method. It does not contain any cream.

Although these tasted like Mom’s, I believe she made them with milk also. ┬áVersion 2 will have that recipe.


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