Dellroy Drive-In in Dellroy, Ohio

I am in the process of trying to plan an often semi-annual trip to visit family scattered across part of the Eastern United States. As I was thinking about past trips and places we stopped, I realized there were some places that I had planned to share, but had failed to do in the midst of this year’s excitements.

I thought I would get caught up by starting with one of my favorites before it closes for the winter, Dellroy Drive-In in the small town of Dellroy, Ohio. Dellroy is located along Atwood Lake, east of New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Our stop at Dellroy was completely by chance after a slight detour on our trip across Ohio from Pittsburgh. It was an answer to the longing I had felt for a good old-fashioned dairyette style establishment and food. They had all of the items I wanted: pizza burgers and ice cream.

I love a good pizza burger. While I do make them at home sometimes, I admit to child-like excitement every time I see them on a menu. Occasionally, I am very disappointed when I get a burger covered in pizza sauce and toppings. However, there are other times when I get that cheese filled patty that is tied to great childhood memories.

I chose the curly fries for my pizza burger. My daughter had the pizza burger as well, but ordered the sweet potato fries instead. I think she made the better choice as the sweet potato fries were cooked to perfection and served with a cinnamon and sugar butter dip that was divine. My season fries were also good fries, but the sweet potato fries were outstanding.

My husband chose the remaining option of fries for his mushroom(?) burger, hand cut. Seriously, three people and three different fries? I am sure the cooks loved us. He enjoyed his fries and his burger. I really don’t remember what type of burger he ordered, but he usually orders a patty melt or a mushroom burger when they are options.

My daughter had a scoop of ice cream, and we left very happy that we happened across this place. We enjoyed the friendly, fast service along with the food.

If we are ever in the area again, it is a definite stop on our list. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend stopping. Seriously, they do close for the winter, so you may want to check out their Facebook page before you go.

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