Easy and Sweet Phyllo Tartlets

Little individual desserts not only are automatic portion control, they also are great for entertaining and cute. Plus, small desserts like phyllo tartlets allow you to easily offer options to accommodate a variety of food restrictions that are frequently encountered.

vegan tartlets

These particular tartlets are vegan-friendly. Non-vegans need not be concerned because unless someone tells you, I doubt that you’d ever know. They are delicious. Besides, they can easily be made with non-vegan ingredients too. They are that simple and flexible.

Those requiring gluten-free may not be easily accommodated as I have yet to find gluten-free frozen phyllo dough. I did see a couple of recipes to make your own, but then I think this would not be an easy dessert.

My Earth Fare market did not have any pre-made phyllo shells/tartlets, so I just made my own using mini-muffin pans(see recipe below). It was simple. Plus, they baked and cooled very quickly. I tried to make mine look a little like flowers, but I am not sure I succeeded. You can either cut yours in rounds large enough to fill the cups or in squares that will stick out of the cups.

When they phyllo shells/tarlets are completely cooled, just fill them with one to two teaspoons of your favorite spread, nut/fruit butter, or curd.

banana and spread tartlet sans cream

I used Biscoff spread (spreadable cookies) that happens to be vegan. I topped it with a half of a slice of banana. Then, I added some freshly made whipped coconut cream. Finally, I topped it off with the other half of the banana.

banana and spread tartlet

You can still stay vegan and use a whole variety of other spreads and butters. Banana goes great with almond, cashew and peanut butters. It is also wonderful with chocolate hazelnut spread, but you need to be careful about what brand you use. Justin’s brand is a good choice as it is vegan.

You can also make your own spreadable fillings, such as vegan lemon curd.

blueberry and lemon tartlet sans cream

Add one or two teaspoons of lemon curd in the bottom of the tartlet and top with a couple of blueberries, whipped coconut cream, and another blueberry to finish. You will have a delightful light, but filling dessert.

blueberry and lemon tartlet

The flexibility of these phyllo tartlets does not just include the fillings. It is also in how many you can make. You can make just enough for a dinner with just you and your significant other without having leftovers or you can make enough to serve party with 20 or more guests.

I am honored to have been asked by Earth Fare to write this post in exchange for a gift card to buy the ingredients. I love shopping at Earth Fare not only because of the great quality of food, but because they offer such great deals and coupon, They did not ask me to share my opinion; it is my own. You can find all the ingredients for this recipe at Earth Fare.

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