Excellent Pressure Cooker Beef Roast

When I was young, Sunday dinners seemed to include either a chicken or a beef roast.   They both required longer cooking times and were more expensive than the usual nightly weekday meals.  Plus, it was then a treat and something to look forward to after church.  They were not quite equal in my eyes, though.   I liked my mom’s chicken, but I loved her beef roast.

My mom made her’s in the oven; my sister makes her’s in the crock pot; but I want more immediate results than either of those methods allow.  Thus, I  found a method in the pressure cooker that works for me.

Instead of taking 3 to 4 hours or more, my roast and sides are usually done in about an hour and a half.   No, the roast is not exactly like my mom’s…she did not use herbs de providence like I do.  However, I can cut it with a fork just like she did (and when I leave out the herbs, it tastes just like hers, too).  The vegetables are also sweet and tender, but do lack that oven roasting quality…they are more like the crock pot roast… still delicious.

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  1. Beautiful picture, Paula. That and your words about past Sundays took me wa-a-y back to the 50s and 60s when we did the chicken or beef roast while at Sunday services. (Casseroles the rest of the week.) I do like the simplicity of your blog 🙂 Found you on FoodBlogs.com. Always good to meet another food blogger!

    • Thank you, Kathleen. I am so happy that you found my blog…it gave me the opportunity to check out yours (which I really enjoyed). I also love meeting other food bloggers.

  2. The hint of Fall must bring back Sunday dinner memories for a lot of people because it’s the third time today that I’ve been able to remember them quite fondly. Ours was usually Spaghetti Sauce though, lol…

    First time here and I too am glad to “meet” a new food blogger. As far as I remember, it’s been quite a while since I dragged out that ol’ pressure cooker, there’s only one way to cook a beef roast to sheer tenderness and that’s in the pressure cooker!!! (the crock works pretty good too:)

    Thanks for sharing, Paula…Bookmarked!!!

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