First Watch is First Choice for Breakfast

Okay, I am very partial to local, “mom-and-pop” owned restaurants. However, on rare occasion, a chain or franchised restaurant just gets it right. First Watch is one of those rare gems.

Although franchised with more than 100 locations, First Watch does not seem to be a typical chain. First, they are only open for breakfast through lunch. Second, they offer freshly made food with a lot of fresh (not canned or frozen) ingredients. Finally, they have many healthy choices…not just one or two.

First Watch in the Anderson Township area of Cincinnati is always busy, but the service is fast and friendly. Plus, unlike some busy restaurants, you don’t feel like your being rushed to turn over your table.

The unfortunate thing about me eating at First Watch is I keep forgetting to take pictures before eating. Thus, I don’t have any really nice pictures to share.

first watch

For breakfast, I really like their omelets, Caps, etc (mushrooms with cheese), and the Key West Crepegg. Their sandwiches are so large, that I had trouble taking the first bite. The large portion is not really that much of a problem as they do not mind if you want to split a meal…it is even in their corporate policy.

I would really recommend splitting a meal if you have multiple children who want the chocolate chip pancake. A single serving is enormous! It is the full size of the plate!

Another nice feature is that you can order a sandwich for breakfast or breakfast for lunch as the entire menu is available the entire time they are open.

Check out their website for more information including nutritional facts.

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