German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting

German chocolate cake is something that I have never been that into…except for its icing. I love its coconut-pecan icing.

It was never a cake that my mom or grandmothers made very often. In fact, the only person I remember frequently making a German chocolate cake was my uncle. He made two desserts that I remember, the cake and mincemeat (the mincemeat was usually a barely to not edible mess because of his insistence on grinding all of the fruit including the raisins..but I digress).

Fast forward a few lot of years; it turns out I married a guy who loves German chocolate cake. It is usually the cake he requests for his birthday. Thus, I had to learn how to make it.

German chocolate cake

Frankly, I have often used a box mix and/or canned icing to save time. However, the best is when they are both made from scratch. If you are going to use a short cut, I suggest using a boxed cake mix with homemade frosting. The canned frosting is not even close to the flavor of the homemade stuff.

The recipe is just a slight variation on the original Baker’s German sweet chocolate bar recipe.

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