Grilled “Baked” Sweet Potatoes: A Quick Method

Baked sweet potatoes are a wonderful accompaniment to grilled steaks or pork.

However, I don’t like heating up my oven to bake them when grilling out, nor am I patient enough to “bake”  them on the grill long enough for them to be done.  Thus, I decided to combine my little sister’s method of microwaving them to reduce baking time with the grill.

It was so simple and the total cooking time was half  what it normally takes to bake them.

Topping with butter and maple syrup goes great with the sweet and savory pork tenderloin.

Of course, you can always skip the microwave step and just place them on the grill in foil for an hour or so…


  1. Mmmm! I love sweet potatoes! When I was a kids, my Mom made as treats for us! I’m a butter and brown sugar girl! Love the idea of using the microwave … what a time saver!

  2. We bake our sweet potatoes with thyme and butter and garlic with a touch of honey – delicious!

  3. We don’t own a microwave, how much longer will they take on the grill if I skip this step?

  4. Thanks for the tip! it never occurred to me to use the microwave before popping them on the grill. I’ll be trying this today.

  5. Dwunya haynes says:

    I tried the microwave & grill for the first time today, it really works can’t wait to eat one.. Will be doing this every time my hubby grills, thanks so much for the tip!!

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