Grilled Meatloaf Burgers

Why a meatloaf burger instead of just a regular beef burger?  Well, there are several reasons to partake of this delicious burger.

  1. They taste really good.  It is meatloaf on a bun after all.
  2. You can make it using very lean meat.  I usually buy most of our meat from a local farm, so I am never sure what the fat ratio is of any package…although most of what we get (grass-fed beef) has been very lean.
  3. You can extend your ground beef investment.  By adding ingredients like eggs, oats, etc., you increase the number of servings you get from each pound of ground beef for little added cost.
  4. They may have more fiber.  A very lean ground beef can be used because it can be bound together with eggs and  oatmeal.  Oatmeal also increases the fiber of the burger.
  5. It is quicker than baking a traditional meatloaf.  Baking an entire meatloaf takes over an hour where the patties are done in minutes.
  6. It is easier to grill than a traditional meatloaf.  I can’t imagine trying to cook a loaf of meat effectively on  a charcoal grill.
  7. They are easy to personalize to individual tastes.  By making a basic meatloaf recipe and adding ingredients to individual patties before and/or after cooking, everyone can get the type of meatloaf they like…traditional, Mexican, Italian, cheesy, spicy, etc.
  8. It can satisfy more than one persons cravings.  For example, my husband was really wanting a burger, but I wanted meatloaf…this beef meatloaf hamburger was the result.

meatloaf hamburger

My husband dressed his up as a traditional burger…lettuce, tomato, mayo, etc. My daughter had the traditional meatloaf with ketchup added while it was still on the grill.  Me?  I turned mine into a pimento cheese meatloaf/burger.  (Although this was a savory, store-bought pimento cheese…I’ll publish my dad’s pimento cheese recipe soon).
meatloaf hamburger with pimento cheese

You can use your favorite meatloaf recipe and just form it into patties or use this simple, basic meatloaf recipe.

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