Homemade Fifth Avenue Candy

My sister and brother-in-law make these delicious candies every year and often give them away in Christmas gifts. This year I was lucky enough to get to make them with my sister… should not expect any as gift this year as I brought most of them home with me (well, minus what we ate on the long car ride home :))

Soooo….I decided I had better share how to make them in light of this year’s shortage.

They really do taste a lot like Fifth Ave candy bars. Plus, they are fun to make with the family as the kids can help with dipping the centers into melted chocolate (obviously, the kids should not be around the kitchen during the molten sugar phase of making them).


  1. Hey,OMG thx for this recipe. I cant wait to go home and show my parents how to cook my favorite candy bar. So shout out to whoever wrote this magnificent recipe. thx and god bless!

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