Homemade Gingerbread Men

I will confess that making gingerbread men from scratch has been something that never turned out well for me..before now. In fact, I usually buy our gingerbread cookie in a roll in the refrigerator section and just have fun cutting them out and decorating them with my daughter.

This year, I decided to try making them from scratch again. I used the recipe from King Authur Flour (I love their products, web site and recipes!). The cookies turned out great.

However, I forgot to get the necessary item in to decorate them…even after a trip to the store today. So, I made the glaze from King Arthur as well. I was sure to follow directions and be precise and it turned out great.

We also used some mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons that I had on hand.

Although, they tasted yummy…but they looked…well…see for yourself.

I definitely need to practice my cookie decorating skills. I could say that my five year old decorated them, but she only did the little one.

We are going to add mouths using colored glaze…but I think that will wait until tomorrow.

For the cookie and glaze recipes, click here.

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