How Spaghetti Carbonara Came to the Rescue

It was late. I had no idea of what to make for dinner. My husband’s milk protein allergy and my sensitivity to citric acid made me want to avoid a quick pasta dish, but it seemed the best alternative. Just as I was about to toss a coin to determine who to make miserable, I remembered Spaghetti Carbonara was made without tomatoes and often without cream (the hubby can eat hard cheeses).  The only problem I had was I had only eaten it a few times and I had never made it.

A quick search on the Internet landed me on the Food Network site reading recipes. Both Tyler Florence and Emeril Lagasse had recipes that did not call for cream, thus I read both. Then, I went to the kitchen to attempt my own with my husband’s help.

It turned out great – even if I do say so myself.   The entire family really liked it.

I ended up using more of Emeril’s ingredient proportions and Tyler’s technique. However, my last minute decision to make this dish also had me making substitutions.

The pasta dish is very rich and creamy without any cream added.    Yes, you really can mix the pasta and eggs without the eggs curdling(scrambling)!

I think when I had it before it also had peas in it. None of the recipes I read called for peas and my husband doesn’t like peas, so they were left out. I think they would be a nice addition though.

It is a very filling dish.   We had tons of leftovers.  Now, I need to find out whether or not it reheats well. . .

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  1. Ummm….which milk protein?

    • Although he has never been tested, I think it is the whey protein. He can not tolerant liquid milk, yogurt, ice cream, cottage and similar cheeses but has no problem with harder cheeses leaving me believing it is not casein. Also, he can still eat many products that contain whey without much of a problem as long as it is processed enough to change the protein sufficiently.

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