Indian Fry Bread and Taco

When crossing South Dakota this summer, we had the good fortune to be able to stop and drive through part of the Badlands National Park. Although the park had amazing vistas, I never thought I would be writing about the food I ate there.

We were hungry by the time we made our way to the Cedar Pass Lodge inside the park. It was there that I had my first (and only so far) taste of Indian Fry Bread (they called Indian not Native American, so I am following their lead). It was delicious!

I ordered the bread and fruit dip for the family to share so we could try the bread plain. In addition, my husband and I ordered the Sioux Indian Tacos.

They were so large that we should have ordered only one as we both could not come close to finishing ours. We really enjoyed it all though.

The Indian Fry Bread was light and not greasy, despite being fried. It was a nice base for the taco and delicious dipped in the fruit mixture.

In fact, I liked the Indian Fry Bread so much that I bought a mix for it in the gift shop at Cedar Pass Lodge. When I made the purchase, the lady at the checkout told me how she had just bought some and that I was making a mistake by not buying more. She said her family was addicted to it now. I thought she was probably right that I needed to buy more, but I did not want to stand in line again.

The mix is made at Interior, South Dakota…just outside the park and still very close to the gift shop/restaurant. We had passed through the town just before stopping for lunch after spending part of the morning driving through the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation .

I am looking forward to trying the mix, but I will save it for a little while longer. After all, if we become addicted to it, I do not have easy access to buy more 🙂

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