Luigi’s Pizzeria in Louisville, Kentucky

We almost did not eat here. We walked by it to see what else was in the area. After all, it was very close to the Louisville Slugger Museum, so we thought it was probably overpriced and not very good. After walking several blocks, we returned and took our chances. It was a very good decision.

We were there on a Saturday during lunch (they are only open from 11 to 3 on Saturdays). It was busy, but not overly crowded. They had fresh salads and pizza available by the slice. As there were several of us, we decided to order a whole pie.

It was delicious! The fold-able large slices were perfectly cooked. The sauce was very tasty. I don’t know if they use their marinara sauce on it or not, but I just found out on their website that they sell their marinara sauce by the jar. I will have to get some whenever I get the chance to go back.

As this is the fourth pizzeria review post that I have done, I have noticed that there seems to be a commonality between all the places that I really like (other than the pizza), an Italian man wearing an apron behind the counter at least on one of my visits. Hmm…

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