Mom’s Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream

Have you ever left a partial carton of ice cream in a sink to melt so you could discard it only to find that it would not really turn into a liquid? Instead, the melted ice cream produced some liquid and a blob of a substance that did not look very appetizing. Moreover, it was supposed to be an all “natural” brand. While the ingredients may be from “natural” sources, I do not think there is anything natural about ice cream that does not completely turn to liquid when it melts.

I know for certain that the ice cream mixture my mom made always reverted to a completely liquid state when it melted. In fact, it liquified rather quickly when we could not wait long for it to become firm and ate it as a very soft-serve ice cream.

ice cream soft

Whether it was still soft from just been churned or the firm leftovers from the freezer, I loved my mom’s ice cream. It was rich, creamy sweetness with a heavenly taste of vanilla.

ice cream

My mom’s ice cream recipe is an old recipe that uses whole raw eggs that are not cooked prior to freezing. To safely make this recipe in today’s world, I purchase eggs that have been pasteurized in their shells. I have only found one brand where I live, Davidson’s. I have also used the pasteurized egg product in a carton before I found the in-shell pasteurized eggs. Using non-pasteurized eggs is a risk (salmonella being the biggest) and is not advocated. Some people do consume raw eggs from a local farmer or their own chickens, but I can not endorse it as their is still a risk…it just may be a smaller one.

The main difference between my vanilla ice cream and my mom’s is the type of vanilla. I used Neilsen-Massey real vanilla extract and my mom usually used Watkin’s Imitation Vanilla (the exception was when someone gave her a large bottle of real vanilla). I also add vanilla bean to my mixture when I have it on hand. It is not something my mom ever did as it is expensive. I love vanilla and will make the splurge…when I can get it for the right price.   I do put the scraped pods in sugar in an air tight container to add a little flavor in an attempt not to waste any of it.

The other difference comes from the size of the freezer. I have a 1 1/2 quart Cuisinart freezer that does not use ice and salt. My parents started with a hand crank freezer, but had White Mountain electric freezers by the time I was really old enough to help turn the crank. Their freezer made a gallon. Thus, I had to reduce the recipe to fit my freezer. If you have a larger freezer, then the recipe can be easily doubled, tripled, or quadrupled…my mom’s recipe called for a dozen eggs.

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