Seven 1970’s Recipes, Recipe 7: Nora’s Cherry Cheesecake

This was a no-bake cheesecake my aunt made in the 1970’s and gave me the recipe.  It was one of my favorites.  It is the first “cheese cake” I had ever had.

My daughter LOVES cheesecake and was super excited I would make her one – even though it does not look or taste like what she is used to eating (we just buy a baked cheesecake slice as dessert on a special occasion at a restaurant).


  1. Phyllis Clements says:

    Does anyone have my no bake cheesecake recipe from 1976 by Virginia White. It has a vanilla wafer, walnut, & butter crust that is pressed into a springform pan & baked 15 min. Then you make a custard with egg, milk, sugar & gelatin and chill it. Then you blend softened cream cheese with whipping cream, sugar, vanilla, and a couple drops of lemon juice. Then you fold in the rest of the whipped cream & blend with the custard mixture,pour into the crust and chill overnight.

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