Pizza Burgers…Yum!

We had just placed our orders when I saw it on the menu, pizza burger.   I was determined to get one the next time we went.

In the meantime, I kept on thinking about those greasy, yet delicious pizza burgers of my past.  The small, local, soft-serve ice cream drive-up where we bought many of them.  Frying up ones purchased from the the Schwan’s  man. Biting into the burger (actually burgers) with the melted cheese hidden in the middle.   Yum, I wanted one more than ever.

A month or so later, we went back and my husband and I ordered pizza burgers.  While waiting for our order, I wondered if they would put pizza sauce on top….oh well, I could live with it…they had good pizza sauce.

When we got the burgers, my heart sank.  There was sauce and cheese on top of a strangely colored patty.  The sauce did not look like it was their tasty pizza sauce; it appeared to be their not tasty, rather awful, spaghetti sauce.  One bite told me that I was right 🙁  Honestly, I ate less than half of my burger…my husband finished his only because he had missed lunch and was very hungry.

My obsession with having a good pizza burger just got stronger after my major disappointment; thus, I made my own.

I like to use premixed pizza seasoning or Herbes de Provence. While a pizza seasoning mix is available in most grocery stores, Herbes de Provence is a little harder to find. Many grocery stores do carry it, especially natural food grocers. Williams-Sonoma has a tasty blend of pizza seasoning. Amazon has Provence Herbs from France in crock 1oz Sur la Table also has the cute crock of Herbes de Provence.

Here are a couple alternative methods to making the stuffed patties:
Make large patties and use a butter knife to create a slit in the patty. Stuff the cheese to the center with through the slit. Then, reseal the slit.
Buy a stuffed burger maker. Sur la Table sells a $10 one that makes a 3/4 lb. stuffed burger

In the end, the flavor, texture, and quality of this homemade version is so much better than what I used to buy. Besides, these are much less greasy…and I actually know what is in these!

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