Seven 1970’s Recipes, Recipe 4: Mississippi Mud Cake

Today, I wanted to share one of my sister’s favorite cakes. It was first popular in the late 1970’s at our house. This recipe was one my aunt made. My mom’s did not have any nuts or coconut in it.

Normally, I provide you with a picture of the finished product at the least. However, do to unfortunate timing (okay, I burnt the cake), I won’t be sharing any photos with you today.

Update: My husband assures me the cake is edible. I know it cooked too long…. So, I finished it and it does taste okay. I forgot just how very sweet and very rich it is! I suggest eating it in small portions.

Here is a picture:

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  1. You burnt my cake? How bad? Is it still edible? If so, are you going to send me a piece?

    • Apparently it is edible. It is just too done for my liking. It did not look burnt, but it sank some around the edges. I am adding the picture.

      I don’t think it will ship well 🙁

  2. Sue Franklin says:

    This recipe looks soooo….good. I’ve never made this before but I believe I am about to change that!!!!

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