Smoked Salmon Omelette or Omelet

I can’t believe that I ran into a problem writing this post over how to spell the dish. First, my husband walks by the desk and tells me he did not think I had it spelled correctly. So, I checked it by writing it in the body of the post and the spell checker flagged it as incorrect. Thus, I began online research to find out if I had indeed been incorrect all of these years. After some initial conflicting search results, I finally was able to establish that both omelette (my original spelling) and omelet (American version) are correct 🙂

I realized today that on the occasions we have omelettes at home, it is not for breakfast. I usually fix them (or more often, my husband fixes them) for dinner. They are a filling and quick dish to put together from what is in the house in a hurry. Plus, it makes for a very inexpensive meal.

Tonight, I added some delicious honey smoked salmon to the omelettes. Between the Omega-3 rich eggs and the Omega-3 in the salmon, I felt like I was feeding my family a fairly healthy meal. Plus, my six year-old was delighted that the omelette had one of her favorite foods – salmon.

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  1. Omelettes (that’s how I spell it too) are total lifesavers esp. after a hard day’s work and you’re just too tired to anything spectacular in the kitchen. They are very easy to make and can be super nutritious depending on the filling of choice. Smoked salmon is great! Hmmm-YUM!


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