Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Topping

I buy sweet potatoes by bushel.  Seriously, I have recently purchased my second nearly bushel box of sweet potatoes.  I think apples and oatmeal are the only other foods that we purchase in as large or larger quantities on a regular basis. I will tell you about the oatmeal sometime…it requires a separate post. 🙂 Most of […]


Seven 1970′s Recipes, Recipe 2: 7-Up Cake

Mom made this cake one year for my elementary school’s “Lawn Fete” and I really wanted it.  I remember participating in the cake walk multiple times hoping to win it back.  In the end, I went home with two cakes.  One of them was indeed the cake my mom had taken to the school.   She […]


Seven 1970′s Recipes, Recipe 1: Watergate Salad

In honor of the birth of my little sister, I decided to do seven recipes that were popular in our house during the decade in which she was born. Not all the recipes originated in the 1970’s. They were introduced and popular in our house in the 1970’s…. The first one is super simple, Watergate […]


Waldorf(ish) Salad

Super easy.  Very tasty.  My mom often made this salad.  A true Waldorf salad contains walnuts.  I use pecans, thus I call it a Waldorf-ish Salad. I also don’t measure anything in this salad.  I think you should add the ingredients to taste.


Butterscotch Pudding Cake: Super Easy

This week is our first week of formal homeschooling at my house. Therefore, in honor of this week, I will be featuring some very easy, quick mix recipes. Life is short. Let’s start with dessert.


Simplify by Cooking Ahead: Chicken

I love chicken, but I also love quick meal preparation as well.  I do not love precooked, frozen chicken’s taste or price. I used to love buying rotisserie chickens for the same price as raw.  I also loved that they tasted better than what I made at home for cold chicken recipes.  I used them for […]