Tasty Roasted Brussels Sprouts

If you wonder why I have not published more recipes for vegetable side dishes, the reason is there is really not much of a recipe usually involved. I usually fix very simply prepared steamed, roasted, and sauteed vegetables.

Brussels sprouts are one of those veggies that I usually fix the same way my mom made them. Steamed/boiled (often from a frozen state) until very tender then served in a small soup/salad bowl and covered in cider vinegar. I did try them covered in butter (frozen boil-in-the-bag variety, yuck) and sauteed in a bacon sweet-n-sour glaze, but I did not enjoy either way very much.

I now have a new favorite method of making Brussels sprouts, roasting them. They are really tasty! I had no idea Brussels sprouts could taste so good.

It is very simple to make them.

I did notice most of the recipes I found on the Internet were an adaptation of a recipe by Ina Garten. Frankly, it is so basic that I am not sure the recipes could not help but to be very similar.

Here is how I make them:

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  1. I love roasted Brussels sprouts! We like them just as you’ve prepared them, only in the last few minutes of roasting, I sprinkle grated parmesan cheese over them and give them a dose of black pepper … so delish!

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Hope you have dug out of any snow that got dumped on your neighborhood!

    • Susan,
      I will have to try and add the cheese. It sounds very good.

      One advantage of living in the South is that even when we get 6 – 8 inches of snow, it usually melts fast enough that we rarely have to shovel out. Besides, when we have enough snow to shovel, the roads are closed, LOL. Even so, I still miss having snow on a regular basis….I do not miss the shoveling though.

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