Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl

Just off of I-70 in Zanesville, Ohio there is a place where you can be transported  back to another time, perhaps your childhood.  Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl is not a “retro” shop, it is the real thing.  Its decor from the tables to the soda fountain bar to the floor are the same as they have been for decades.

They have great sandwiches. My favorite is their Virginia Ham sandwich with its lightly sweetened coating on the thinly sliced ham.  It is balanced with some relish and iceberg lettuce.  Yum!


They make their own ice cream  It is wonderful.  The available flavors are posted on boards in the corners on the same side as the fountain bar.    You can also get ice cream sodas, banana splits and a large variety of sundaes.  My favorite is the banana, caramel, and marshmallow sundae…it is rich, but divine.

Yes, the sundaes always are overflowing with toppings :)

Before leaving, we usually pick up some warm, roasted nuts and/or chocolate candy to take home.

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl is a wonderful, albeit indulgent, blast from the past.

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