Veal and Peppers

One of my mother-in-law’s classic dishes is her veal and peppers. I usually do not make it because of the price of veal. However, it can be made using beef or chicken instead.

I decided to go for it and make it with veal as a comforting treat for my husband after he was very sick for a week. ( Yes, I do think it was sweet of me 😉 )

I was told by my mother-in-law that this dish is better the next day. I was told by my husband his mother never served it the day she made it, thus I have to recommend making this a day ahead.

This does make it a nice dish for casual entertaining or a great make ahead meal for a busy week.

This is basically my mother-in-law’s recipe spiced up a bit at my husband’s request.

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  1. Annamaria DeLillo says:

    YES! I am having my dog’s groomer over to the house (between Christmas & New Year’s) and was thinking about easy casual recipes that we used to do around New Year’s – on New Year’s Eve, my mom used to make meatballs, veal scallopini and/or sausages (all of this in sauce) or as we Italians say, “in the gravy!” — and we have great rolls and would just make sandwiches. This recipe is exactly what she would put in her veal recipe. This IS delicious! – my husband doesn’t eat mushrooms though, so I would have to eliminate the mushrooms. Great recipe both ways!

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