Fudgy No Bake Cookies
Maple Glazed Roasted Sweet Potatoes
City Chicken
Berry and Brie Flatbread Pizza

Fresh Vegetable Pizza

I can’t remember many gatherings in the early 1990’s where someone didn’t bring or make a fresh vegetable pizza as an appetizer or finger food.  They were even available to purchase already made in my local grocery store.  I also can’t believe that my husband claims to never have heard of it.  Thus, I had […]

Vegetable Egg Rolls

The first time I ever had homemade egg or spring rolls was as a teen when my older sister was home for a visit and made them…despite my father’s aversion to trying new food.  At that time I was a picky eater, literally.  Although I would try almost any food, I would pick through everything […]

West Wing Cafe III in Washington, D.C.

I have been open about how little I thought of the food scene in Washington, D.C. especially in the early 1980’s.  Nothing brought home how much things had changed than my last trip to D.C. when I stayed at the same hotel as I did in 1984 on my first trip to D.C.  Then, I […]

Oxtail Soup or Stew

My paternal grandmother used to make oxtail soup.  When I was 6 or 7 years old I remember thinking that her “oxtail soup”  must be just another name for beef  vegetable soup because no one had oxen anymore.  Afterall, I had seen old pictures of my maternal grandfather with his oxen pulling trees that had been […]

Chicken with Blueberry Sauce, Version 1

One of my daughter’s favorite foods is al fresco’s Wild Blueberry Chicken Sausage.  We first discovered it in a local grocery store and purchased it regularly until they stopped carrying that  flavor. The company’s website indicated that they no longer sell the wild blueberry flavor in our area or even our region of the United […]