Coconut Macaroons
Stuffin' Muffin
Fudgy No Bake Cookies
City Chicken

Easy Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Rice Skillet

The classic combination of chicken, broccoli, and a starch in a single dish has become something of a comfort food to me…it reminds me of my early adult years more than my childhood though.  I think the broccoli, chicken, and rice or noodles combination must have peaked in popularity in the early 1990’s, but I […]

Slow Cooker Swiss Steak

It is a little ironic that I really dislike “baked” steak, but I love a tomato based Swiss steak.  They both are long cooking steaks, but usually differ in  texture and definitely differ in flavor. Baked steak to me was either a “cube steak” or its thicker and differently tattooed cousin, the “bake steak.”  Both of […]

And Pizza

&Pizza was on my list of places I wanted to try when we visited Washington, D.C.  I did not really make an actual plan to go there though.   Although I always have used a combination of the Metro and walking to get around D.C., this trip I actually paid (if you know me you know that […]

Kool-Aid Pickles

My husband came home from work one day going on about a pickle that he had from a mobile food vendor.  It was a dill pickle that had been soaked in Kool-aid…a Kool-aid pickle.  When I coordinated a fall fair at my church earlier this month, he was adamant that we make Kool-aid pickles to sell […]

Stuffed Italian Meatloaf

When you think about Italian cuisine meatloaf probably does not come to your mind at all. However, the Romans are credited with being the first to mix chopped meat with filler (and wine) back in the 5th century. Thus, the argument could be made that they are responsible for the later development of meatloaf. The […]