Creamy Cole Slaw
Pizza Burger
Watermelon Sorbet
Fried Squash
refrigerator bread and butter pickles

Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles

A great deal on pickling cucumbers at a local farmer’s market was more than I could resist. I decided to make a two easy types of pickles that did not require canning…my mom’s freezer pickles and a refrigerated version of my husband’s mom’s bread and butter pickles. If I’d known that bread and butter pickles […]

linguini salad

Linguine Salad

Linguine salad was one of my mom’s summertime favorites. I’m not sure exactly when she started making it or where she acquired the recipe. I do know she loved to make it to use some of the many vegetables my parents grew in their garden. She also loved having family and friends to the farm […]

lobster tail grilled

Simply Grilled Lobster Tails

Looking for something different than burgers and hot dogs to grill for that backyard get together? Grilled lobster tails are a surprisingly simple and budget-friendly choice. In fact, with sales and coupons at Earth Fare recently, grilled lobster tails have almost becoming common place at our house I must admit that I wasn’t sure about […]

Miller's Bakery blackberry filled

Miller’s Bakery near Charm, Ohio

As we pulled into the parking lot, I could already smell the heavenly scent. I started to wonder how I had missed this place for all these years. Upon entering the store, I glanced at the cases filled with candies and baked goods. It was then that I started mentally kicking myself for not coming […]

kohlrabi slaw

Kohlrabi Slaw

Initially, kohlrabi was one of the vegetables that my husband and I grew in our garden many years ago out of curiosity. We had little knowledge of it except that it had an interesting shape, was related to the cabbage family, and grew best in the spring and fall (like cabbage). However, it did not […]