Fudgy No Bake Cookies
Maple Glazed Roasted Sweet Potatoes
City Chicken
Berry and Brie Flatbread Pizza

Hot Dog Chili Sauce with Black Beans

In West Virginia, we take hot dog toppings very seriously.  There are many great places in the state to buy deliciously topped hot dogs. What you say when ordering one of those toppings is dependent on where you are in the state.  There is a demarcation line that lies somewhere between the cities Parkersburg and […]

Lemony White Bean Dip

A delicious, healthy, and versatile dip that does not depend on being kept cold or hot is a summer party or picnic dream.  Lemony White Bean Dip fits right into that dream.  While it would be good any time of the year, the brightness of lemon combined with the light freshness of parsley is  great […]

Champy’s Chicken on MLK

Champy’s Chicken on MLK in Chattanooga is a restaurant known for, you guessed it, its Fried Chicken.  Despite rave reviews from friends, I never ate at Champy’s until about a year ago.  By the time I finally tried Champy’s it already had multiple locations including a couple in Alabama and one in Georgia. It is now […]

Fresh Vegetable Pizza

I can’t remember many gatherings in the early 1990’s where someone didn’t bring or make a fresh vegetable pizza as an appetizer or finger food.  They were even available to purchase already made in my local grocery store.  I also can’t believe that my husband claims to never have heard of it.  Thus, I had […]

Vegetable Egg Rolls

The first time I ever had homemade egg or spring rolls was as a teen when my older sister was home for a visit and made them…despite my father’s aversion to trying new food.  At that time I was a picky eater, literally.  Although I would try almost any food, I would pick through everything […]