Molasses Crinkles
Homemade Sugar Cubes
Mom's Fruit Cake
Cherry Sauce for Ham
Homemade Marshmallows
Libby's Caramels

Aunt Libby’s Caramels

My great-aunt made the best caramels. Although she was not especially fond of cooking, she made a few things better than anyone else. Caramels were one of her specialties that no one else in the family made. It was always a treat to visit during the winter when she often had a supply of the […]

Onion appetizer

Onion and Cheese Appetizers

I have a confession: I find these canapes (or whatever name you prefer) addictive and I am not that much of an onion fan. Seriously, I find it very difficult to stop eating them once I start…kind of like the potato chip commercial that proclaims “you can’t just eat one”. My mom made something very […]

prosciutto and cheese canape

Easy, Brie-zy Party Foods

Having a gathering to watch the game or celebrate an event does not mean you have to stress about the food or spend hours in the kitchen preparing for the event. You can make impressive looking (and tasting) party foods easily and quickly using brie or similar cheese and a few other items. A delicious […]

apple salad with vanilla dressing

Apple Salad with Vanilla Dressing

Although Apple Salad with Vanilla Dressing could be considered a side dish, I think of it as dessert. It is a great no-bake option that can easily serve a crowd. Plus, it is rich in flavor and fiber. As written, the dressing recipe has a very strong vanilla flavor. If you aren’t a fan of […]



One of my favorite places to go after Christmas every year was to visit my relatives in Toronto, Ohio…a small town along the Ohio River whose most famous son may have been Robert Urich. The reason I loved to go…beyond seeing my relatives…was that many people in the area recognized Orthodox Christmas and the decorations […]