My name is Paula. My mother was an excellent cook. In fact, I have been surrounded by excellent cooks all of my life.

I always liked to cook, but took several years nearly two decades off from really cooking while I was working full time. In fact, I took so long off from really cooking that I forgot how to cook a lot of things.

Since becoming a stay-at-home mom and adjusting to continually changing economics, I have started really cooking again. I find that I am slowly remembering how to cook and really enjoy cooking again:) I still do not like cleaning up afterward though:(

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to eat out!

So, why this blog?

  • After my mom died, my sister and I have had several requests for her recipes from family and friends. This will give me a way to share some of those recipes.
  • I feel guilty about not cooking much when my stepson lived with us.  Maybe, I can help someone else learn something.
  • I had people show interest in my food related posts on my other blog, Another Segue.
  • I am fascinated with kitchen gadgets and cookbooks, so I want to share my opinions.
  • My husband is totally into new or different food items, so I can share some of our experiences.  This may possibly save someone else money and/or taste buds.
  • I love to eat out and I’d like to share my opinions about some of the places I eat or have eaten.

The recipes may be basic. The food may be fundamental.  The techniques will not be those of a trained chef.  I am a simple home cook who tends to be frugal, trying to share what I enjoy while having fun.

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