Barbecue Turkey Makes A Great Gathering

When we moved to this area a few years ago, we had Thanksgiving for about 17 family and friends before we had even unpacked everything (and we were missing a bed). I did not want to chance making everything, so I ordered a smoked turkey from a local barbecue restaurant.

To my surprise when I picked it up the night before Thanksgiving, it was covered in barbecue sauce. I was mortified. After all, what could barbecue turkey taste like?

I had no choice but to serve it along with a turkey breast I cooked. I was afraid people would not like it though.

Much to my surprise, the turkey was a success. People said how much they liked the turkey. However, all I could do was to take their word for how wonderful it tasted. You see, we ran out of barbecue turkey before I filled my plate. I was stuck eating the breast I cooked.

We have been away for Thanksgiving ever since – until this year. This year we were home for Thanksgiving and I ordered another smoked barbecue turkey. This time there were just a few people and I was able to have more than my share.

Everyone who loved the turkey was right. It is fantastic. The barbecue sauce permeates the meat and it is delicious.

What does a smoked BBQ turkey look like?
Well, here is a picture before I reheated the turkey:

Here is a picture after I reheated the turkey:

We purchased the turkey from Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que. I don’t know if it is sold at all Famous Dave’s restaurants, but it is sold at several locations in Tennessee.

I don’t know if we will have smoked BBQ turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas every year, but I do know it will be for one or both holiday meals. Yes, it is a new holiday tradition at our house.

Even though there is part of one in my refrigerator right now, I am tempted to order another one for Christmas. Maybe I should wait to decide later…perhaps after a nap…

Disclaimer: No compensation or solicitation was provided for this post. The opinions and experiences are my own.

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  1. So I just received one of those turkeys as a gift to my family and I. I want to know how long do I cook the turkey for in my roaster and at what temperature. Thanks!!!!

    • As today is Easter, I may be too late replying to your post to be of any assistance. Our turkeys have always included reheating instructions, so I am not positive about either. I do know that I used a meat thermometer and brought the temp to 160 (you should cook it until your desired temp), but I am not sure that was in the instructions. I believe it took more than an hour at 350 degrees F. I also remember foil covering the turkey for much of the time and then removing it as the turkey neared the target temperature. Hope this helps…

  2. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your review of the turkey. I’ve been considering getting one this year, but haven’t found many reviews on the Famous Dave’s turkey. Your post was very helpful!


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