Discontinued Food Products that I Still Miss

I have been reminiscing about the good times of long ago, and I started remembering about some of the great food or related products that I so enjoyed but are no longer available.

My maternal grandmother drank Whistle Soda Pop.  I loved the fruit flavored pop with the note on the bottle.

My paternal grandmother ate Nabisco Royal Lunch Milk Crackers.  I could eat a huge bowlful of those (even though I was extremely skinny at the time).  I even ate them all the way through graduate school and beyond.  Although Nabisco did not discontinue them until 2006, they were extremely hard to find where I lived by then.

Here are some others that I miss:

Shasta Soda Pop – My mom used to buy this all the time.  It was inexpensive compared to Coke and Pepsi products.  I loved the lemon-lime.

Jello-123 – I made this when I had my first apartment in college.  It was yummy.

Nabisco Brown Edged Wafers – I used to go to a small, out-of-the way store in the early 90’s to find these after they became very difficult to find.  They were unbelievably good.

Keebler French Vanilla Creme Cookies – I liked the chocolate and lemon creme ones also, but the french vanilla were my favorite.

Big Buddy Bubble Gum – I remember grape and green apple.  I don’t know if the flavor was the best, but I do remember you got a lot of gum in a long piece.

Nabisco Tid-Bit Crackers – My dad ate these a lot.  He also ate many Cheese-Nips; they were similar.

Dentyne Dynamints – They were like Tic Tacs – only better.  I remember them being fruit favored.

Kaboom Cereal – Although they made this still just a few years ago, I don’t think they do anymore.  I must admit that I just ate the marshmallows out of the cereal.  My grandmother was the only person who would buy it for me.

I know everyone has food from days gone by that they long to eat again.  My mom always wanted Walnettos candy from her childhood.  When I was an adult, someone brought them back.  I ordered them for her for Christmas.  She liked them, but the were not the same.

I expect that for several of my item on my list, I would not be as happy with the item if it were brought back as it is in my mind.  However, I know that there are some I would so enjoy to have today .  Right now, I could go for a bowl full of crackers and milk.

What are your favorite foods that no longer available?

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  1. Jello used to make a product in the 1960’s (it was like a mousse) I was wondering if you knew the name of it?

    • Valerie, Sorry to take so long in my reply. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of it nor have I been able to find it through research. Perhaps someone else will comment with the answer. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. I believe it was Whip ‘n’ Chill. It came in chocolate, strawberrry and lemon and was a snap to make.

  3. Not sure if you have a Coborn’s grocery store in your area, but our local Coborn’s carries Shasta pop! I was so excited when I saw it! Such childhood memories…

  4. Hi Paula. If interested I have a Dentyne Dynamints I’m selling on ebay right now. Just search for: 1970s Dentyne Dynamints – Candy still inside


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