Raisin Sauce

This is my version of my mom’s raisin sauce that she would make to serve with ham at holiday or company meals when I was young.  Today, I make it to make one of my husband’s least favorite foods more palatable for him…ham.   This sweet and sour sauce is also very good served on most any pork or poultry.

raisin sauce

I based my recipe from one found in my grandmother’s Watkins cookbook.  As pictured, it is a very loose sauce.  However, my mom and grandmother used to add a cornstarch slurry to thicken it some.  It is really based on personal taste….I think I like the sauce thicker than pictured, but my husband likes it this way.  I have included thickening as an option in the recipe.

The recipe did not originally contain any cinnamon either.  I LOVE cinnamon, so I have added it as well.

This recipe is easily halved or doubled depending on how many your serving.  For three people, I usually halve the recipe.  For more than six people, I would double the recipe.


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