Subworks in Perryville, MD

Subworks in Perryville, Maryland  have really good subs …or “typical” Maryland/Delaware are subs, according to my husband.  What sets them apart from the other sub, cheese-steak, and pizza shops I have been to in the area is their crab pizza.  Yes, crab pizza!

Crab pizza

Sure, it was the most expensive pizza I have even eaten, but it was FANTASTIC.    It is  a delicious pizza loaded with crab meat and cheese.  YUM!

crab pizza slice

They use real crab, not the imitation junk.  As the Chesapeake Bay is close by, it would be a crime for them not to use real crab.  It is also reflected in the price of the pizza.  Considering we were able to serve 5 people dinner one and lunch the next day for  less than 5 crab  cake dinners would have cost, the pizza was a good value  too.

Subworks is located on U.S. Route 40 (aka. Pulaski Highway) just north of the Susquehanna River and not far from I-95.   Best of all for me, this convenient location is directly on my way to visit my in-laws….


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