Muller’s Famous Fried Cheese Cafe

Despite being located in the Appalachian Mountains instead of the Alps, Muller’s Famous Fried Cheese Cafe offers authentic Czech and German dishes in Helen, Georgia.

Helen itself is a small city that saved itself from extinction by remaking itself resemble an alpine village.  The transformation successfully made Helen tourist attraction. The city has been able to attract chefs from Germany and the Czech Republic, like Muller’s Cafe chef.

Muller’s is located just off the main road with parking located close. According to Muller’s website, you should tell the parking attendant you are eating at Muller’s for free parking.

Mueller's Fried Cheese Sign

The menu offers a nice selection of entrees and sandwiches.  Perhaps the nicest thing about the physical menu is that it has pictures of all of its plates next to the description of each.  This is especially helpful if you are with someone totally unfamiliar with the cuisine.  I don’t think the menu had as many pictures the first time we visited as it did the last time, but I know the last time my daughter really appreciated being able to see what the dishes generally look like.

While the I really liked the Hungarian Goulash, I think my favorite dish is the namesake of the cafe, Muller’s Famous Fried Cheese “Steak.”

The layers of cheese encase slices of ham in the center.  The “steak” is then covered with a tasty coating and fried to perfection.  The roasted potatoes are divine.  A nice spinach salad rounds out the meal.  The only thing I can’t imagine was authentic is what I think was a blob of ranch dip/dressing. I know that ranch is an extremely popular dressing/flavor here in the United States, it just isn’t my favorite.

My husband ordered the Grilled Bratwurst Platter again.

He really enjoyed it.  I was very pleased that he could not eat all the potato salad, because I was able to eat some of it.  I think it may have been the best potato salad I have ever eaten from a restaurant or any commercial kitchen.  In fact, it was also better than many homemade potato salads.

I talked my daughter into ordering the Creamy Sauerbraten so I could taste it.  I love sauerbraten and had never eaten creamy sauerbraten .

The creamy sauerbraten was a slightly muted version of the sauerbraten that I know.  The beef was cooked to fall apart perfection making it a delicious plate.  However, my daughter loved the dumplings the best.  They are heavenly slices of a Czech yeast dumpling that are typically served with slow cooked meats and gravies.  Yum!

In an unusual event, we ordered dessert.  We do not normally order dessert, but my daughter, encouraged by my husband, selected the Chocolate Mousse Cake.

I think my husband wanted dessert.  He just ordered a cup of coffee, but kept asking my daughter how the cake tasted.  I was a sweet, chocolate, and rather decadent cake that my daughter inhaled except for the couple of bites I ate. 😮

One complaint about Muller’s I read was about the price of the meals.  While I agree that it is not the cheapest German food I have ever purchased, I find that it is average priced for a tourist town and not unreasonable when compared to other similar places.  Besides, I did mention they have authentic Czech yeast dumplings didn’t I?









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